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I love you now, i love you always

24 August
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This Journal !&

Let's get to the point, this is my personal journal. It is friends only so, if you wish to be friends with me, just leave a comment and i'll see if youre cool enough for my taste. FYI: I'll accept anyone unless they're evil to me.

I will write in here, probably once a week at the minimum. I'm more into creating my icons & entering into challenges, working on my challenge communities, or making icons for my fresh icon journal. So please understand i'm doing that.

The Girl !&

My name is Katie. I'm 18 years old on August 24th. I'm taken but there's still complications, however i dont mind it. I love designing. I've been doing it since 6th grade. I took a break away from LJ for a little while and now i am back. I didnt do much when i was on LJ but thought about it. I mainly designed for my (now dead) site. I've racked up my skill and i'm giving it a go with loads of icon challenges. I even made two of my own.

love__stillness; a challenge community dedicated to love and fandom love!

anipadme_hush; a hush challenge featuring Anakin & Padme.

I also have one of my own graphic journal squeehearticons

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You may see me participate at these places:

___starwars __theclique anistillness hayden_hush

haydenstillness iharthdarthfans jg_ichallenge lindsayicontest

natalie_stills orlandohush pa_chorus padanistillness

padme_stillness obiwanstillness starwars_stills swicontest


__theclique & i was accepted! wee. <3th

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